To the passage of history, our traditions are illuminated
The stamping of men and women echoes in our ears showing us the history of Mexico in order to seduce the hearts of those who observe and experience their dance. The music is in the steps, the virtuous movements, in the colors and faces of the dancers that carry in their blood the rhythm of a diverse and rich culture: intense Mexico, passionate Mexico, wounded Mexico, rejoiced Mexico, solemn Mexico, Mexico erasing the boarders of language, race, countries, the Mexican dance is universal and is heritage to all that are open to witness it.

The Folkloric Ballet of the University of Guadalajara, with a constant presence of almost half a century contributes to the national heritage with the conservation of dances that transcend their origins, transcends time and pave roads towards the world.

Our grandparents and parents danced themselves: through those on stage- the sons of that story-, form roots in our present when we see them execute with mastery what has built us as Mexicans.

The University of Guadalajara opens its arms and welcomes all: we shall find ourselves again; we shall enter our chest through the biggest door and let the music and dance inhabit and rejoice the spirit. A joyful space greets us with the first stamping; an instant, a gust of infinite beauty is given to us by the Folkloric Ballet of the University of Guadalajara that in a generous matter opens up to all the audience present so they can receive it in the same fashion. Let´s fill the hearts of nationals and foreigners with pride because this show belongs to all of those who presence it. With each movement the important thing to remember is the universal heritage that is shared by all of those who inhabit it.