Mobile Phone to Google for Information and Why It’s Important to be on Page 1 of Google

How Important is Mobile SEO

People are using their mobile phones to search Google and find all sorts of information online. It’s also more convenient to use than a laptop or desktop. Experts believe that people are spending more time online using a mobile phone than the traditional PC. Half of the searches today are now made on mobile phones.

To keep up with the times, you need to be on page one with Google on mobile devices too. Therefore you must optimize your website for mobile users as well. The mobile users’ demographics range from people in their late teens to their late forties. This potential customer base can be a gold mine for your business. Your business could achieve a huge success once you make it to the first search engine results page.

People Get To See You First

Mobile phone users can see you first when they make their online searches. The best place to be seen online is on Google’s first page. This popular search engine is like a street and the busiest road is on page one. This is where your business is likely to be seen by potential customers.

Makes You Popular Online

Put your business on page one and you will achieve popular status. This is a very distinct advantage for those in the first page compared to sites located several pages after. Experts point out that users always click on the sites in the top list. On the other hand, sites on the succeeding page have a lower chance of getting noticed.

Business Gets Plenty of Online Traffic

Page one sites enjoy plenty of traffic compared to those in the lower ranks. This is another reason why you should strive to put your business on top of the mobile search list. It’s hard to drive traffic to your site if you don’t rank well in your local city Houston SEO rankings.

You Get Trust and Recognition

Your business can gain trust and recognition from mobile users. All you have to do is put your site on page one. It’s a challenging task and can take time to achieve but it’s doable. Mobile users are more likely to buy from an online business they see as trustworthy. They also prefer to deal with a site they deemed as experts in the particular field.

More Engagement from Mobile Users

The rate of online usage from mobile users is high which means they also engage with a lot of sites. Capturing a slice of that interaction means more sales for the business. Consider the mobile user engagement as another way to advertise the business. Problems with the product are presented and hopefully resolved immediately.

Mobile users now form a large part of Google searches. Businesses should very well consider them in their marketing campaigns. Your business should appear on Google’s page 1 search if you want to get ahead of the competition. Being number one means increased sales traffic and more profit. You also get acknowledged as an expert and regarded as trustworthy. Those in the Google top list can expect more interaction with their current and potential customers.


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