How to increase the Capacity of the Clipboard?

Hello here I give you a little turn to tell you that a small program has made me work a little more relieved with my computer, in the sense of temporary storage of texts.

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Sometimes we copy important text (every text we copy is stored in the clipboard which is a temporary storage memory) and if we take a long time to paste it, we may lose it if we copy another text on top of the first and if this happens as soon as I’m sure we’ll go back to the page where we got the first text to be copied again, but let me give you an example so you can understand me better:

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Imagine that Pepito is doing a job for the school, and he has copied a text to make a summary about Why the crab walks sideways? Just like drunks do when they drink a lot, only they go sideways hehe, good Pepito copied a good text but his sister nugget (rays that perhaps the parents did not have other names for these children) tells him that she saw a dedicated website to the crabs and found a better text according to her, then Pepito copied it and then pasted it on his Word sheet, when he started to make his summary he realized that the first text was better but because he copied the second one and the first one disappeared of temporary memory (the clipboard).

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This story seems very long hehe, as I said, Pepito to retrieve the first text would have to go to the website where I copy it, although this seems silly, it really happens a lot especially if we need to use a lot of information since we are always pasting and copying very followed, and if you work in a callcenter it could be good to use a program that avoids this hassle of looking for information that you already had copied since the default clipboard does not memorize all the copied texts.

One last time

That’s why I’m talking about two free software that will allow you to have a multi-paper function on your computer, you can use the one that best suits you, I’ll leave the link so you can see where I downloaded the one I use, but there are others that you can use that they fulfill the same functions.


 and the other that is Multi ClipBoard, any of these you can try, well I hope it has been useful for you, leave me a comment and I would be kind to share this article in your social networks, possibly some of your friends or acquaintances can use this information, until another !


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How to do Search Engine Optimization SEO

What is SEO and SEO-optimization?

If you have your own website, then you just need to know about SEO. Do you want to attract more visitors to the site in order to be able to show them your goods and services or just earn on the Internet? This desire is feasible! The only thing that is necessary for this is to promote the site in the TOP-10 of the search engines. And that the site was in the treasured TOP, you need to know the basics of optimization and promotion of the site in the search engines and be able to use them.

Let’s start by getting acquainted with the concept of CEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which in translation means search engine optimization or search engine optimization. Our close friends at Dublin SEO have been giving us this information and now we understand how Irelands top marketers earn massive amount of money.

The meaning of these three words is the optimization of the site for further promotion of the site in the ranking of search engines.

The higher the position of your site in the issuance of the search engine, the more likely that the visitor will go to the site, as approximately 100% comes through the first three links of the search issue, then the tendency to decrease – up to the tenth link of the first page of the issuance, 20-50% of users get.

On the second page of issuing the searchers come 10-20%. Therefore, for any resource, the most desirable place is in the first ten search results. But, unfortunately, there are too many competitor sites, and only a dozen of them. There is a reasonable question: how to conquer this summit and break out into the leaders? And then SEO-optimization of the site comes to the rescue.

Search engine optimization SEO can be divided into three parts:

The first part is to work inside the site. It includes the correction of possible errors, the addition and modification of content, HTML code of the site pages, linking and so on. The so-called internal optimization.
How effective the first step will be, depends only on your efforts and knowledge in this area. We must also take into account that the algorithms of search engines are slightly different and therefore optimization for Google should slightly differ from the optimization for Yandex.

The second part of SEO-optimization is the promotion of the site yourself. At this step, you need to bring the resource to the first positions with the help of groups of events that run outside the site (on other sites, in article directories, forums, bookmarks and other sites), whose task is to increase the necessary reference mass and to promote the site according to the targeted requests, as well as increase its credibility. This is called website promotion or external optimization.

The third part is to maintain the achieved positions and improve the results. Monitoring your results and competitors’ performance, changing keywords, links, site content, adjusting sites – all this must be borne in mind in order to keep busy positions.


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Growing Children

Children need as much freedom to create, and you merely have to make certain that they are healthy. It’s very rare for children to be overweight as a result of health troubles. Normally, school children are gifted with much potential which ought to be exploited and directed to boost their vocational option, growth and development.

Children have health problems since they are overweight. It’s quite likely your children will feel out-of-place in schools if they’re eating meals that appear different from different kids. Try to remember that obesity does not just happen to children. however, it may also happen to adults. Children also have to be taught how to discipline themselves regarding eating. Children are extremely irresponsible when it has to do with eating habits.You may compare your son’s or daughter’s weight with the advised weight at the given age. Growing children ought to be hungry.

If you would like your child to learn quickly and effectively, the ideal option is baby learning toys, although children have the capability to play with anything they can get in their hands. The youngster learns to take responsiParentingbility for their actions.

Parents are always concerned about the health and growth of their kids, particularly during the initial five-ten decades old. If they suspect that their child may be suffering from a sleep disorder, they are encouraged to contact their pediatrician.

You may even look at taking the kid’s school teacher into confidence while using the behavior chart for children. Rather, you might realize your child receiving education in addition to having fun at the exact same time by admitting them in the modern-day preschools.

The ideal way to earn a child do what’s right and keep a good behavior is by way of a reward system. Children have an extremely impressionable mind, and that’s why the way that they are taught and developed is extremely important. You see that your child grew along the exact same pattern as shown in the chart, up to 5 decades old, and after that if you suddenly see that the kid is growing at a significantly slower rate than other kids, then you need to seek advice from your health care provider and go over the wellness of your son or daughter. Try out a number of healthy recipes with these foods in order for your child feels like eating them.

At a particular age, children are in a position to grasp this and eager to try different procedures of getting along with those around them. It’s also troublesome to observe how many children aren’t mentally ready for school. It is very good for a shy child to truly bring them out and assist them to meet new people and learn how to socialize.

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