Architecture is basically the art or rather the science of building and designing buildings or structures for human use. Now you will be definitely wondering what is that so special about it, a well-designed form of structure is not only practical for use but it is also beautiful in appearance. The one main reason why people like to travel to different countries is that different countries have different and beautiful architectural beauty.

Nature of Architectural job involves:

Architecture’s job involves planning the product, visualizing how the structure will look like, deciding on the space, design, construction materials, ambiance, space balance, technical aspects of construction, aesthetic aspects of construction and design. The end product of all this is a beautifully constructed structure of a building that lasts for a really long time.

What are the expected characteristics of an Architectural Designer?

There are a few expected and important characteristics that are required for architecture to posses, it is these characteristics that separate the good architecture from the best in the business. The characteristics are:

1. Have the necessary qualification
2. Should be able to have a creative and active imagination
3. Should be able to visualize his or her ideas in 3 D
4. Should be technology savvy
5. Should be able to do the technical drawings
6. Artistic drawing in freehand drawing
7. Should be aware of the local laws and practices

It is the architectural design in the paper that brings to life the real structure; previously we did not have software to help clearly understand how the structure will really like. For a person who does not have architectural knowledge, will not be able to clearly understand how the final structure will look like. But with software available, you can visualize the structure, materials used in the structure, paint colors used in the structure. You can even design and visualize the interior decorations of the structure using the software available nowadays. So now it becomes a necessary requirement for architecture to be well qualified in designing both using paper and software. The end product is a beautifully constructed structure that creates a lasting impression on people’s mind.

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